My Ugly Truth

• I got married after dating for 60 days.

• I became a stepmom to a 3-year-old.

• I got pregnant 60 days later with my first child.

• I had another child just 22 months later.

• I filed for divorce 3 years into my marriage.

• I got divorced 2 years later.

• I was in and out of court for roughly the next 8 years.

• I used 1 mediator and wish I asked for a different one.

• I have done 50/50 custody.

• I have had sole custody.

• I have done every day but Wednesday nights and every other weekend custody.

• I have paid for a guardian of litem for my children.

• I have paid 3 different attorneys.

• I have been sued by 1 attorney.

• I have spent many thousands of dollars on attorneys.

• I have been in front of 4 judges.

• I changed my name back.

• I have had a judge fall asleep during my divorce hearing.

• I have done a psych evaluation but so did he! (spoiler, I passed!)

• I have been through years of counselling.

• I have had my older children in years of counseling as well.

• I have been the only divorced single mom in the room before.

• I have not eaten for days because of finances and stress.

• I found out who my friends were during and after my divorce.

• I felt free in the beginning and made a few wrong decisions.

• I found out who I really was through my divorce and started to love myself again.

• I learned to accept help from others after years of denying I even needed help.

• I had feelings of anxiety, fear, shame, worry, heartache.

• I quit teaching after 15 years to take a chance on a career of helping others just like myself.

• I have overcome my pain and used it to find my new passion.

• I got certified to help others who were in my same situation.

• I got engaged and had two more children (total 4 now).

• My stepson is still in our lives and has the same birthday as my youngest son!

• My bigs are old enough to choose their own relationship with their father and they choose differently.

Every family has their own story.

I would love to help make sure your story has a happy ending. I have been where you are and I know that at some point our stories have already or will align. I know first-hand about all the feelings and thoughts.

This is one moment that can alter your life dramatically for you and your children. I want you to hear all the ugly truths that most people won't share or admit. All while saving you time, money and stress!

I'm here to help you in any way I can:

• Mediate your divorce

• Coach you through your divorce

• Help you co-parent with your ex

• Become part of your support network

Never in a million years did I think that I would quit teaching to do this for a living but I have zero regrets and I know this is what I was meant to do with my life.

I would love to hear your story!

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