We hope that you will find this website to be a helpful resource concerning mediation generally and mediation for separation and divorce in particular. We welcome your comments about which parts of our website proved helpful to you, as well as your ideas for improving the website. Please keep in mind, however, that the contents of this website are general in nature and are not a substitute for the specific legal advice given by an attorney who meets with you and responds to your individual situation. Although we have worked hard to provide you with current and reliable information, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Viewing this website or sending us an e-mail does not create a mediator-client relationship with us. The only way to create a mediator-client relationship with us is to make an appointment, meet with us, and sign our Agreement to Mediate. We believe, based on our own experience and the experience of many other mediators, that mediation provides a helpful negotiation process for most separating or divorcing couples. However, in this business there are no guarantees, and mediation may not be a suitable process for some couples. In our orientation sessions, we help couples to determine whether mediation will be a useful process given their particular circumstances.

We do not make any guarantee, promise or other assurance that the same or similar results can be obtained in any matter we may undertake, and you should not assume that a similar result or outcome can be obtained by Samantha Boss LLC. The outcome of a particular matter depends on a variety of factors – including, among other things, the specific facts and circumstances of the matter, the applicable law, the competence of opposing counsel and unanticipated events. We want our clients to be aware that each state is different and mediation standards/practices my vary from state to state. It is the parties responsibility to make sure they are in compliance with their county/state guidelines for mediation.

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