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Mediation, Coaching & Plan Design

Co-parenting & coaching

Work as a team and get on the same page with a customized approach to


One-on-one consultation

Arm yourself with strategic direction and a sound voice of reasoning from a divorce concierge.

Divorce mediation services

For couples that want unbiased professional help navigate through their parental responsibilities to develop a plan.

Parenting plan


For the parent,

who wants professional help with designing their own parenting plan to propose.

Courses & Downloads

Waitlist for Bootcamp

Confused about parenting plans, and not sure what designing one looks like...I got you! Join my parenting plan design bootcamp!

Parenting Plans Packages

Build your own parenting plan by DYI or have it written by me, either way it will have the detail it needs.

Top 9 Divorce

Arguments PDF

All the things I wish I knew I was going to fight, argue or disagree about

that were NOT

listed in my parenting plan.

Mediation Cheat

Sheet PDF

Head into mediation with an understanding of what it entails and the dos and don'ts to get the most of the time with your ex.

Community & Support Group

Join our private group and find a place to get answers, meet friends, or just vent.

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