Divorce Coaching

"Sam is so real and honest! Such a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who KNOWS divorce jargon, what steps are next or necessary to take, and who doesn’t judge me for asking stupid questions!"

-divorced mom of 2


"Samantha was knowledgeable, patient and most importantly candid when it was needed. She has a very accommodating scheduling process and willingness to work longer with us if we were cruising along."

-divorced father of 1 1

Co-Parenting Coaching

"I wish Sam would have helped us sooner, like when we were married and maybe we would not have gotten divorced. She made us realize we had different needs and she got us to communicate those things better with each other. We are better c0-parents because we worked with Sam."

-father of 2 girls

The Ugly Truth of Divorce FB

"This Facebook group is a safe place for me to ask for help or bitch about my ex. Samantha wants to hear our stories and offer her help. She has made the group members feel connected so we don't feel alone."

-group member


"Samantha has a knack for making people feel comfortable even through a video, I'm sure that's a very welcome thing when someone is going through divorce."


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