My Divorce Services

Couple's Divorce


Let's get divorced! Pro Se couple wanting to get divorced without the financial burden of attorneys can get divorced with my coaching along the way. We will go through each step of your divorce talking through options, compromising and keeping the children's best interest in the forefront. Grab a consultation.

Personal Divorce


Getting divorced with an attorney or not can be difficult, especially emotionally. Personal Divorce Coaching is for individuals looking for support throughout their divorce, listening ear to strategize with or a voice of reason when you are going off the deep end. Grab a consultation!

Couple's Divorce


Divorce Mediation is for couple's using an attorney or pro se that want to have an unbiased third party help them maneuver their way through their parenting plan and other parental obligation.s. Mediation is about making a plan for your new normal. Fill out the form below!



An online course with videos, worksheets, and tools designed for couples who are divorced or in the process of divorce. This course is to help them navigate their new lives with successful communication and appreciation for one another for their child.

The Ugly Truth of Divorce

Support Group

Private Facebook support group for divorcees. I dump knowledge and advice while answering questions for my group members daily. Members are encouraged to vent, pose questions, and support one another in a safe nonjudgemental space. Group is designed to be part of your support network.


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